by Vorash

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Debut release. Cassette tape release on the horizon.

Cover photo: Morehouse Comet Oct 1, 1908 "The Science-History of the Universe" Vol. 1 1909

Logo & other photos by LAC.


released April 8, 2017

Written & Recorded in 2015-2017.
All sounds & vocals by Vorash.
Additional vocals by A. P. & M. L. on I, VI, VII.



all rights reserved


Vorash Seattle, Washington

Solo project

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Track Name: I - Depths
Lightless caverns
Perpetual mining
Cinders of flame and flesh
Caked with soil
Hands bled to bone
Surface Lords know
Thoughts of escape
Nowhere is safe
Caged beasts tremble
Living for death
Die and reborn
Regenerated flesh ground
To dust again
Futile existence
Barren landscape
Crude and Smoke
Tortured soul crushed
Bound to tunnels
Never remembered sun
Leached dry, cracked
Surface dreams appear
Nightmares lived
Reanimated vessel
To slave again
Overseers peer down
From clouded peaks
Endless Depths
Our corpses lay
Inner planet
Chamber of ore
Dig graves
Inception tomb
Born to earthen womb
Insides rotten
Dimming core
Our only light
Terror, forever night
Solace in slumber
Solitary gift
Visions of a new world
Glimpses of light
Through fog in darkness
Forest temple
Free to Roam
Voices have spoken
Lightless caverns
Mining eternity
Cinders of flame and flesh
Caked with soil
Hands bled to bone
Surface Lords know
Track Name: II - Surface
Caving above
Welcome final end
Surface Lords fall
Finally burn
Corpses turn to smoke
Surface Lord breathes souls
High on potent death
Billions of spirits

Bones turn glass
Break shatter
Cosmic winds
Return us to stars

Free to float
Dust of deaths
Instant extinction
Mass grave light
Narrow escape
Vessel of steel
Rise from ashes
Taking us from the clouds
Looking back
World torn
Destruction visions
Surface Lords no more
Display of beauty
Explosions of light
Touches skin
For the first time

Weep for freedom
We are now ours
Survivors few
Hurled into space
The light fades
Into darkness
Together we descend
Mourning others deaths
Huddle watching
Systems unfold

Name stars, after you...
Track Name: III - Adrift
Ushered into place
Vessel commands
Fear clenched minds
Death or slumber
Voices warn
Lay in crypt
Pod of sleep
Feed us until
Destination revealed
Breathe for us
Heal our wounds
Vessel wanders
Through darkness
Destination known
From the core
Plans for us
Not revealed
Path coded
By Surface Lords
Final command
Helpless we lay
Drifting awayPast moons and stars
Through nebula gas
Celestial sea
Grave galaxy
Downward descent
Track Name: IV - Descending
Spiralling dust
Path floating
Light dark
Journey shifts
Fades pass
Beacon flash

Abrupt awakening
Thrust from deep sleep
Vibrating steel
We fall from space
Through atmospheres
Burning shell
Scorched steel skin
Aflame in skies
Our breath is faint
Dissonant signal

Blurred sight
A world below
Gravity’s pull
Shuddering below
Crushing inside
Broken system
Sounds of alarm
Screams of terror
Familiar fears

Nightmares reborn
Weighted bodies
Buckles underneath
Flesh and steel
Scraping noises
Death without
Rebirth as before
Final light
Darkness consumes
Our pods depressure
Dull silence

Then tearing apart
Crushed between
Sky and earth
Breath fades
Surface near
Last minutes
Fallen star
Trickling through
Darkness of night
Impact silence
Track Name: V - Arrival
Obscured movements
Muffled agony
Buried none survive
Crawl to light
Through jagged steel
Flesh departed
Bone ground
Reaching surface
Gasping light
Muted mist
Smoke and flame
Clouded visions
Stand and breathe
Muffled air
Broken limbs

Crimson sky
Ultra-violet lands
Blackened flora
Absorbs my path
Unknown territories
Grasps my remains
Carries me gently
Healing pain
Feel the living
Organism of woods
Veiled in fog
Breathes spirit
Floating cradled
Drifting conscious

Illumination glows
Brough back once again
Voices indistinguished
Risen shed skin
Assimilate pitch earth
Strength resonance
Fused with stone
Void forest
Feel a presence
Surrounding spiral
Forms close in
Guiding passage
Welcoming entities
Through mountains
Track Name: VI - Ritual
Path opens
Field expanse
Drawn to center
Ascend crumbled steps
Vista spins
Infinite sights
Ghostly grasp
Reach from below
Heel to head
Obsidian glow
Flows, enclose
Enveloping vision
Of mind and soul
Brilliant flash
Dwellers emerge
Creatures of shadow
Breath ancient dialects
Foreign in sound
Absorbed by mind
Tales of past
Journey by stars
Familiar sights
Past life, passed lives
Awaiting the chosen
Who falls on land
From distant planes
Emerges from earth
Conjures flame
Leads them anew
Surround in waves
Hands outstretched
Hold me high
On Celestial throne
Arisen existence
Track Name: VII - Gathering
Soaring effigy
Burning bright light
Waves expand
Night shifts
Shroud mist
Radiant beings
Commune soil
Titans of wilderness
Converge and sway
Pulsing globe
Merging dimensions
Dark vapors
Circulate time
Gateway reveals
Incandescent sphere
Drawn limbs
Absorbed face
Others join in
Intertwined vitality
Fusion of spirit
Incarnation glares
Illuminating truth
Realization appears
They are my past deaths
And now we rest....